Iowa Prenuptial Agreement Form

Marriage contracts in Iowa can cover the following topics: After marriage, a prenuptial agreement can only be modified or revoked by a written agreement signed by the parties. The amended agreement or revocation is enforceable without consideration. In Iowa, as in the postal states, a marriage contract can never determine child support or custody. […]

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Interim Servicing Agreement

This chapter explains how the parties can end the relationship and who is responsible for such an incident. For example, if a party commits an illegal act, the act may constitute a violation of the agreement. Or, if the promised services are not fully performed by the service provider, they may violate the agreement. […]

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Influencer Agent Agreement

If an agency or brand wants to hire an influencer, a written agreement must be made between the agency or brand and the influencer. While the format of these agreements may vary, they all serve a common purpose. A well-drafted agreement clarifies the respective rights and obligations of the parties in order to avoid […]

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Indemnity Agreement Zhongwen

原文二: ”Indemnification The Shipper has guaranteed the Carrier the accuracy of the description, markings, number, quantity, weight and/or volume of the Goods provided by it at the time of the Carrier`s acceptance of the Goods, and the Shipper shall indemnify the Carrier for all losses, damages and expenses arising out of or resulting from […]

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Implied Duty of Good Faith in Relational Contracts

Approximately 550 plaintiffs, most of whom were postmasters (”PMS”), filed various lawsuits against Swiss Post. Prior to 2011, PMS and Swiss Post were contractually agreed under a sub-postmaster (”SPMC”) contract and, from 2011, a new contract, the Network Transformation Contract (”NTC”). The SPMC and the NTC provided (generally) that the PMS is liable for […]

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How to Write a Statement of Work

You can also include clauses that cover delays on the customer and vendor side. This is especially important for sows for projects such as software development, where the full scope of work is not known at the beginning of the project (see the Software Development section below for more information). Any project, whether it`s […]

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